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The vascular and neuronal effects of astrocytic HmgB1 in the cerebral cortex
Application of the BCG strategy palette on small and medium sized enterprises
Antifungal activity of individual and combined thyme and cinnamon essential oils and their main components, cinnamaldehyde and thymol, against botrythis cinerea pers
An exploration of concussion knowledge, attitudes,and behaviours in the pediatric population
Coverage in crisis
The student experience
“What men want is so boring...”:
In times of movement, the voices fall silent investigating the role of migration policy in Cuban regime stability under Fidel Castro
The impact(s) of South Sudanese cultural marriage practices on women's pursuit of post-secondary education in Canada
Bioaccumulation of methylmercury in a wetland impacted by herring gull guano and water table restoration on Brier Island, Nova Scotia
Mercury bioaccumulation in mussels in the Minas Basin
Bird communities as indicators of the conservation value of old forests in Nova Scotia
Immune responses of mosquitoes infected with Hepatozoon parasites from the blood of garter snakes
Does bilingualism enable the acquisition of multiple sensorimotor maps for speech?
An exploration of the impacts of temperature stress on an agricultural insect pest, the oblique banded Leafroller (Choristoneura rosaceana)
Comparison of dynamic and static postural control in individuals with and without a history of concussions
Beyond calories and currency
Preliminary comparative analysis of SOX9, KRAS, TP53, APC and SMAD4 gene expression in colorectal patients from the cancer genome atlas -- Firehose legacy study
“One policy would never fit all”