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The tales worth telling
Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis as a literary representation of the perpetually unfinished status of natural philosophy as articulated in his philosophical text, The advancement of learning
The effect of SIGL on survival of Listeria monocyto genes under various stress conditions pertinent to food processing environments
Delia species in onion
The degradation and proliferation of alpha and beta Acids in hops
A geophysical, petrological and reservoir potential study of the Glass Sand marker unit and associated sandtones in the Upper Horton Group, Windsor Basin, Nova Scotia
Text mining of Twitter data using an LDA topic model and sentiment analysis
Field testing the nutrition inventory for community-dwelling elders (NICE) to determine consumer readability and comprehension
The impact of socially responsible investing on financial returns
Comparing exercise interventions and how they affect cognition in older adults
Susceptibility to the Ebbinghaus illusion
The game of sandwich cops and robber
Support and attachment processes in cardiac rehabilitation
Spatiotemporal assessment of metal concentrations of pre-effluent estuarine sediments in a freshwater Kraft Pulp Mill tailings pond using paleolimnological methods, A’se’k, Pictou, Nova Scotia
Effects of Bisphenol A and folic acid on the vegetative growth and reproductive development of Antirrhinum majus
Investigation of SHH, WNT-7A AND NDP as molecular growth factors regulating restrictive permeability in capillaries in the neonatal rat brain
Risk-taking by tree swallows (Tachycineta Bicolor) during nest defense
Investigating the effects of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor- y agonist pioglitazone in a lysolecithin model of focal demyelination in mice
Community refugee sponsorship and integration in rural Nova Scotia
Immunity and pathology of mosquitoes, Culex territans, infected with Hepatozoon species from the blood of of green frogs, Rana clamitans