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Role of cannabidiol (CBD) in mitigating tissue damage and promoting healing after traumatic brain injury in zebrafish
Photochemistry of a tert-butyl substituted biaryl
Does who you live with matter?
Overparenting, adult attachment styles, and caregiver attitudes while raising a virtual child
A survey on vision based action recognition in machine learning
Exploring the impacts of a feminist mentorship program on undergraduate students and their communities
A preliminary examination of quantitative training and tools in Atlantic Canadian universities
Differential expression of antifreeze gylcoprotein genes among tissue types in Atlantic tomcod Microgadus tomcod
Novel synthesis of cyclic tertiary enamides from 2-acetylbenzoic acid
The duty to accommodate
Psychological aggression victimization and perceived social support as predictors of mental well-being in same-sex and mixed-sex relationships
Heroism, fortune, and flyting
Common yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) essential oil as a potential repellent and acaracide against ticks (Acari: ixodidae)
“We must no longer be quiet, modest ladies”
Compiling incentivized citizen science data of fishes in Atlantic Canada using a virtual fishing tournament during coronavirus pandemic restrictions
Comparative analysis of machine learning algorithms within the domain of charitable giving
The effects of gender identity bias on perceptions of gendered leadership styles
The psychological and psychosocial benefits of savouring moments with your furry loved one
Associations between fatalistic withdrawal from life and physical health
Petrology, tectonic setting, and critical element potential of the Park Spur pluton, Aspy terrane, Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia