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Exploring the impacts of a feminist mentorship program on undergraduate students and their communities
Role of cannabidiol (CBD) in mitigating tissue damage and promoting healing after traumatic brain injury in zebrafish
Does who you live with matter?
A preliminary examination of quantitative training and tools in Atlantic Canadian universities
Overparenting, adult attachment styles, and caregiver attitudes while raising a virtual child
A survey on vision based action recognition in machine learning
An examination of exercise and depression in individuals with dementia
The impact(s) of South Sudanese cultural marriage practices on women's pursuit of post-secondary education in Canada
Mercury bioaccumulation in mussels in the Minas Basin
Bioaccumulation of methylmercury in a wetland impacted by herring gull guano and water table restoration on Brier Island, Nova Scotia
Striped bass biology
The future is coming, Run!
Democracy and nationalism
Opening the door
Flow characterization at a turbulent tidal energy site in Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy
Successive generalized confidence intervals
DNA barcoding of the maritime shrew, Sorex maritimensis Smith
It's okay
Experiences of queer educators in Nova Scotia