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Characterization of oncogenic protein-protein interactions involving the microphthalmia-associated transcription factor
Textual analysis of Apple's entrepreneurial orientation
Running on empty
Family roles and sympathy casseroles
The relations of adult attachment style, desire to have children, and caregiver attitudes when raising a virtual child
The last straw
The Nova Scotian wine industry and its relationship with climate change
Hindsight bias in predictions of the 2008 Financial Crisis
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in ex situ populations of eastern Mountain Avens, Geum peckii Pursh (Rosaceae) from Nova Scotia, Canada
Docoshexaenoic acid-acylated phloridzin, a novel compound derived from apple phytochemicals and fish oil, inhibits the metabolic activity and proliferation of colon cancer cells in vitro
Influence of the epidermal microbiome in attraction of mosquitos (Culex territans) to Green frogs (Rana clamitans) infected with hepatozoon blood parasites
An investigation of allelic diver diversity of the major histocompatibility complex class II DRB gene in the American Black Bear, Ursus americanus, in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
Olfaction in ticks
The mispricing of US index options surrounding geopolitical event
The relationships between physical activity, nutrition, and sleep patterns on skeletal health and quality of life in elderly adults
Lez talk about  sex
Overbooked, over worked and unorganized
Investigating the consumption of sports supplements amongst varsity athletes with a focus on supplement contamination, frequency of use, and motivation
Attachment, support processes, and efficacy dynamics within cardiac rehabilitation
Examination of the integrated neural representation of self theory