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A model for the estimation of emergency maintenance cost for a 10 MW tidal energy conversion installation
A morphological and phylogenetic investigation of Porphyra linearis Greville and Porphyra purpurea (Roth) C. Agardh forms from Nova Scotia
A moth's memory
A movement of motherhood
A multi-proxy comparative paleolimnological study of anthropogenic impact between First and Second Lake, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
A multifaceted behavioural approach to correcting ideopathic toe-walking in children with autism
A multiple-scale analysis of the effects of landscape structure on populations of yellow-spotted salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum)
A naked beginning
A narrative analysis exploring the significance of social support networks for youth experiencing homelessness in rural Nova Scotia
A narrative approach to the female body
A narrative inquiry into counsellor education
A nerve racking experience . . . regeneration of the central nervous system in the Polychaete Pygospio Elegans (Spionidae)
A new approach to the synthesis of asymmetric heavy multiple bonds
A paleoenvironmental and paleogeographic reconstruction of the Terminal Archaic – Woodland Boswell site, Kingston, Nova Scotia
A paleolimnological assessment of sediment in Sitmu’k Lagoon, Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia, to determine the influence of geogenic and anthropogenic activity on water quality change through time
A paleolimnological assessment of the impacts of damming on an upland lake in Nova Scotia
A paleolimnological record of anthropogenic impact on water quality in First Lake, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
A performative theory of anarchism
A personal description of small group facilitation
A personal meeting scheduling agent