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The role of stereotype vulnerability and belongingness on university students' commitment to their academic major
Diversity of fungi isolated from Kingsport, Nova Scotia intertidal mudflat sediment
S&P 500 index option pricing inefficiency surrounding U.S. Federal Reserve meetings and economic uncertainty
Task, sex and age effect on sagittal plane biomechanics during single leg and double leg jump-landing
Immune responses, and their role in mortality, in mosquitos infected with Hepatozoon parasites from the blood of green frogs
Sex and age effects during the stance phase of running for heel strike runners
Identifying fungal associations of the endangered plant Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britt. (Cistaceae) in Nova Scotia
Eating with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
The physiological effects of massage therapy in active older adults
The rail to trail from Wolfville to Kentville and its impacts on the elderly demographic
Screening microbial volatile organic compounds produced by streptomyces bacteria for their potential as a new Drosophila suzukii repellent
An investigation of the excited-state dynamics of thiolate-protected gold nanoclusters and a method for evaluating the monodispersity of metal nanocluster solutions
Determining habitat use by black bears (Urus americanus) based on vegetation characteristics in a forested region in southwest Kings County
An exploration of spoken rhyme effects in adults using event-related potentials
Examining evidence for the integrated neural representation of self theory using cyberball
Petrology and economic mineralization in core from two drill holes in the Faribault Brook Formation, western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova ScotiaBar
Geochemical and mineralogical dispersal in till from East Kemptville SN-ZN-CU-AG deposit, southwest Nova Scotia
Measuring wellbeing
The effects of short-term simulated microgravity on the cardiovascular system and cognitive function
A paleolimnological assessment of sediment in Sitmu’k Lagoon, Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia, to determine the influence of geogenic and anthropogenic activity on water quality change through time