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From the field to the bus
Real-time home REM sleep detection using Apple watch, FITBIT, and Cerebra
What leads to support for collective action aimed at promoting gender equality?
Immune responses elicited by mosquitoes, Culex territans, infected with hepatozoon sipedon from the blood of Common Garter snakes
Spatiotemporal analysis of the causative agent of white-nose syndrome and intestinal macroparasites from Nova Scotian bat guano
Composition and origin of xenocrysts in the Eastern Shore spessartite dykes, Nova Scotia
Intolerance of uncertainty as a predictor of psychological aggression perpetration amongst LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic
Experience of healthy older adults with a new home-based treatment for spatial neglect
Terpene classification using mass spectra data and machine learning
Greek sovereignty and the right to the polis
An investigation of local zeta functions of self-similar fractal strings
Exploring the financial literacy of Chama women's groups in rural Kenya
The moderation of embodied attachment on the relationship between visual-temperature cues and prosocial behavioural intentions
An examination of public affection sharing and its health associations in interracial and intraracial relationships
The apocalypse will not be colonized
Mercury photochemistry and speciation in the Jijuktu'kwejk (Cornwallis River) estuary of the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia
Analysis and prediction of computer industry talent demand based on machine learning
Backup one hop routing optimization
Task scheduling in fog environment using deep reinforcement learning strategy
Forecasting COVID-19 case counts using deep learning