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The moderating effect of caregiver sensitivity on the relationships between attachment styles, resilience, loneliness, and sense of self in adulthood
Effect of relaxin-3 (RLN-3) on brain inflammation of neural regeneration on zebrafish
Love in the pandemic
What leads to support for collective action aimed at promoting gender equality?
Spatiotemporal analysis of the causative agent of white-nose syndrome and intestinal macroparasites from Nova Scotian bat guano
Immune responses elicited by mosquitoes, Culex territans, infected with hepatozoon sipedon from the blood of Common Garter snakes
Composition and origin of xenocrysts in the Eastern Shore spessartite dykes, Nova Scotia
Intolerance of uncertainty as a predictor of psychological aggression perpetration amongst LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic
Effects of microplastics on vector-related physiology and infection success of Hepatozoon clamate in its mosquito host, Culex territans
Green zinc oxide nanoparticles using plant extracts and encapsulated plant essential oil as tick management tools
Universal basic income
Problematic smartphone use
Lithology and geochemistry of the Nicola Group volcanic and volcaniclastic Host rocks to the Copper Mountain alkaline copper-gold porphyry Deposit, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada.
Prayer and perpetration source as predictors of the mental well-being of victims of psychological aggression
From curriculum to teacher practice
Impact, feasibility, and assessment of virtual physical activity programming for individuals with disabilities
An experimental and computational investigation of the acetone keto-enol tautomerism with acid catalysts
Eudaimonist virtue ethics and the charge of self-absorption
Functionalization of carbon dioxide through the use of amino phosphonates
Gill morphology of the Mangrove Rivulus, Kryptolebias marmoratus, in response to predictable and stochastic temperature fluctuation