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The Role of community art in placemaking and community development
Separate and unequal
Generation of synthetic speech from a neural network output
The constructs of adapted aquatic programming for children and youth with disabilities
Age and size selectivity of the Gaspereau River Alewife Fishery
Effects of a custom made mandibular repositioning mouthguard on airway dynamics and aerobic performance in trained cyclists
The role of numeracy, reading comprehension, and decision-making styles in the cognitive reflection test
The synthesis of N,C-Bound phosphenium cations and reactivity studies with hydrogen, ammonia and carbon dioxide
You won’t believe what these four theorists think about social media (number three will shock)
Comparative genetic analysis  of Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Michx. plants of known pedigree (Chasmogamous- or  cleistogamous-derived seeds) using amplified fragment length polymorphisms.
“The revels we shared in the days that are gone”
Road work ahead
Can psychological factors predict placebo responding in adults with anxiety and negative mood?
Exploring the decision to give versus withhold feedback on others' romantic relationship
Mixed mating and its ecological impact on an endangered plant: Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britt.
Effects of government legislation and regulation of payday loans in Canada
Adult attachment style and caregiver attitudes before and after raising a virtual child
Ironstone of the Ferrona Formation, Nova Scotia, and the biogeochemical cycling of Fe and P
Seals in western Hudson Bay
Wolfville local food bucks