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Phylogeographic analysis of genetic structure present in Purple Sandpipers
Evaluation of a curriculum-appropriate nutrition education video informed by Nova Scotia adolescents’ needs and preferences for new media
Psychological skill use, adherence, & relationships in injury rehabilitation
Cost-benefit analysis of building bicycle lanes in Truro, Nova Scotia
Excluding women's voices from public discussion
How well do people use numbers in decision making?
Monitoring system for red-striped fireworm, Aroga trialbamaculella Chambers, 1875 (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) and other pest species found in Nova Scotian blueberry fields
Contributions of image presentation, verbal presentation, and practice to learning a procedural motor task
Gender, sport and the media
Towards the synthesis of heavy main group compounds with asymmetric double bonds
Relaxin does not reduce apoptosis resulting from oxygen and glucose deprivation in cultured rat brain slices
Detecting fine-grained gold in pedogeochemical samples from the Fifteen Mile Stream gold property, Nova Scotia
Mother-child relationships in a small high-risk sample: sensitivity, attachment security, and talk about thoughts and feelings
What's in a name? That which we call "Politics"
Family politics in the Wars of the Roses
Set up for failure?
Grundy oriented colouring
An exploratory study of how individuals perceive aggression in e-mail
An electrophysiological study of the influence of category predictability on phonological activation in visual word recognition
Impact of water chemistry on invertebrate communities in agricultural wetlands in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia