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A cross-cultural examination of the role of family pressure on academic motivation and career choices
A cross-faculty comparison of undergraduate computer use
A descriptive analysis of recent changes in benthic communities at Evangeline Beach, Nova Scotia
A detour from the road to incarceration
A dialogical approach to Pentecostal pneumatology
A diary study of dyadic coping in romantic relationships
A distinct twenty-first century Pentecostal hermeneutic
A distributed multi-agent meeting scheduling system
A document exploring system on LDA topic model for Wikipedia articles
A far cry from reconciling
A federal failure
A geophysical, petrological and reservoir potential study of the Glass Sand marker unit and associated sandtones in the Upper Horton Group, Windsor Basin, Nova Scotia
A graph theoretic model for configurational isomerism
A histological and ontogenic analysis of epidermal glands of the spionids Boccardia proboscidea, Polydora cornuta, Pygospio elegans and Streblospio benedicti
A historical and contemporary assessment of Baptist chaplaincy in the Halifax hospitals
A longitudinal study of attachment and self-processes
A longitudinal study of relationship script correspondence within the romantic dyad
A low-budget underwater video system: uses and issues in ecological and behavioral research
A microbial challenge test of a commercially available non-shelf-stable formulation fruit pie
A ministry of hospitality