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Breaking down barriers in the Village of New Minas
Broken promises
Possible biogenic sedimentary structures in the Cambrian Goldenville Group, Nova Scotia
Piece rate and wage rate employment in Nova Scotian apple farms
Masking the relationship between orthography and phonology
Petrography and geochemistry of early carboniferous volcanic rocks in the northeastern Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia
Effect of catnip (Nepeta cataria L.) essential oil on the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis) chemosensory system
Synthesis and photochemistry of 2,6-DI(1-Naphthyl)phenol
Do implicit theories of sexuality shape relationship well-being differently for LGBTQ+  versus  NON-LGBTQ+  individuals?
Interactions among parelaphostrongylus tenuis nematodes, mercury, and corona virus in white-tailed deer
The effects of percussion stimulation on perceived tightness and soreness, range of motion, and performance measures in trained university students
The moderating effect of caregiver sensitivity on the relationships between attachment styles, resilience, loneliness, and sense of self in adulthood
Burnout, needs satisfaction and coaching
Creating an environment that promotes adherence to exercise rehabilitation for low back pain
Understanding the determinants of public transit in Canada 1981-2016
Effects of microplastics on mosquito physiology and susceptibility of hepatozoon clamatae in culex territans
Assessing the response and transition of Nova Scotia lobster harvesters on the decarbonization of lobster fleets
Stepping up to the plate
LiDAR-assisted mapping and environmental risk assessment of the Carboniferous rocks in the Cumberland sub-basin of Nova Scotia
Fictionalizing the reader in Joseph Andrews and Oliver Twist