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Fitbit depression detection in an undergraduate student population
Understanding the relationship between participation in organized sport and self-efficacy in paediatric cancer survivor
Exploring reasons for previously returning to violent relationships prior to pursuing civil protection order among female intimate partner violence victims
Synthesis and optimization of bulky tetraarylstannane as precursors for diarylstannylenes for hydrogen Activation
Impact of children on domestic violence civil protection order completion
An analysis of how print media portrayed drinking water advisories in Indigneous communities in Canada between 2006 - 2020
Queer and Mad
A demographic report of a new subpopulation and the environmental effects on nesting ecology of Blanding’s Turtles (Emydoidea blandingii) found in Nova Scotia
Exploring the role of pediatric simulated patients in the teaching of pediatric communication skills in health education
Understanding United States political differences in willingness to follow public health guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic
An investigation of caregiver attitudes , adult attachment style, and caregivers sensitivity using a simulated parenting task
Understanding cost differences of transit services between urban and rural Canada
The art of self-deception
Habitat selection by the two-spotted spider mites
Screening fatty acid profiles of fungal and oomycete strains, and optimizing growth conditions of pythium oopapillum for EPA and ARA production
The impact of humans and nonhumans on the biological conservation of the North Atlantic right whale (NARW) along the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada and the Gulf of Maine
Population dynamics of root-feeding Grape Phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae) emergence in relation to gall presence, temperature, and vine phenology
Exploring the use of face video to measure mental health
Should you always believe in what you hear?
Estimating the underreporting of COVID-19 cases using fatality data