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Focusing-oriented therapy
Engaging orality in theological education
Sermon Inc.
Double shifts
Ordovician ironstone of the Western Asturian-Leonese zone, Spain
Characterization of Nova Scotia Grape and Wine
Welcoming Moms and babies
Memories of the coming out experience in parents and their adult children
Tne anti-cancer potential of the anti-cancer peptide mastoparan and its derivatives on HCT-116 colon cancer cells
An investigation of network time protocol
Use of eyespots for species identification in two cryptic skate species, Leucoraja erinacea and Leucoraja ocellata.
Recruitment of Corophium volutator into Macrofaunal Communities
A True account of multiple remediations and their empathizing efforts
Modification and evaluation of a game-like prism adaptation protocol for use in electroencephalographic studies
The role of stereotype vulnerability and belongingness on university students' commitment to their academic major
Diversity of fungi isolated from Kingsport, Nova Scotia intertidal mudflat sediment
S&P 500 index option pricing inefficiency surrounding U.S. Federal Reserve meetings and economic uncertainty
Task, sex and age effect on sagittal plane biomechanics during single leg and double leg jump-landing
Immune responses, and their role in mortality, in mosquitos infected with Hepatozoon parasites from the blood of green frogs
Sex and age effects during the stance phase of running for heel strike runners