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Relative contribution of sexual and asexual reproduction in Lysimachia terrestris
Managing Varroa destructor mites using their odorants
Growth and age patterns of Atlantic Sturgeon (Acipencer oxyrinchus) from the Saint John river, New Brunswick
Spiritual formation in desert terrain
The architecture of participation
The rhetoric of new conquest and its use in the exilic and post-exilic books
Culturally relevant pedagogy in Nunavik
Effects of a probiotic supplement on anxiety and mood balance in adults
Monitoring mammal movement through a wildlife underpass and culvert in Antigonish, Nova Scotia using remote camera sensing
The influence of probiotics on symptoms of ADHD and anxiety in childhood in a crossover experimental design
Parrhesiatic beatitude
Towards a biblical theology of mission to Arabic speaking Muslims
Independent hydropower production in British Columbia and the impacts to white water kayakers
Wetland senescence and productivity trends in the Cumberland Marsh Region, Atlantic Canada
Privacy concerns related to the proliferation of unmanned aerial systems within Canadian law enforcement
An exploration of concussion knowledge, attitudes, and reporting behaviours in varsity athletes
Fish coprolites of the Joggins Formation and coastal trophic relationships in a Late Carboniferous sea
Are there differences between how organizations promote their commitment to workplace diversity and how they enact it within their organizations?
Post-fledging movements and nocturnal flight behaviour of blackpoll warbler and yellow-rumped warbler in the gulf of maine region evaluated using automated radio telemetry