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Relaxin-induced neuroprotection in ischemic stroke
The complete mitochondrial genome of Geukensia demissa, and the analysis of its unique mode of interitance
The relationships among gender, relationship status, and sexual orientation
Comparison among four drill holes in the Faribault Brook Formation near the Road 2 showing, western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia
Are you bullshitting me?
The role of servant-leadership in a western consumer driven society
Mindfulness in the face of death
Fish movement patterns and habitat suitability in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic site
Parental knowledge of and attitudes towards concussion management and the return-to-play protocols in youth minor hockey
Climate change adaptation and mitigation in Nova Scotia
Granular iron deposits, seawater chemistry, and earth evolution
Fishway passage of Alewife, Alosa pseudoharengus (Wilson, 1811), and marine nutrient transfer to freshwater ecosystems in three river systems in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada
The Species at Risk Act
Early digital media exposure and response inhibition in children
Identification of protein biomarkers in epidermal mucus of striped bass (Morone saxatilis) as a consequence of angling stress
Metal mobility and retention associated with salt water inundation at Laytons Lake, Nova Scotia
Contributions of biochar and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to the growth of Geum peckii (Eastern Mountian avens)
Multicultural diversity and missionary team dynamics