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‘Stuck in the welfare trap'
Predicting the donor journey using machine learning
A characterization of the set of invariant distributions of a random walk on a graph
Specialization, pressure, prep-schools and player development
Evaluating bias in alewife sex-ratio within the upper reaches of the Lacoupe, Laplanche and Missaquash rivers, Isthmus of Chignecto, NB, Canada
Effects of light attraction and flight-calling on mortality of nocturnally migrating songbirds
Using DNA barcodes to review the taxonomy of water and pygmy shrews in Canada
Can prism adaptation effects generalize to wheelchair maneuvering?
Manipulation of anopheles mosquitoes and human odors by Plasmodium parasites
Facial aniimation using CycleGAN
Isolation and identification of fungi associated with the marine green Macroalga Codium fragile (Suringar) hariot in Nova Scotia
A wildly different perspective
Influence of genetics and environment on reproductive fitness
Fitbit depression detection in an undergraduate student population
Understanding the relationship between participation in organized sport and self-efficacy in paediatric cancer survivor
Exploring reasons for previously returning to violent relationships prior to pursuing civil protection order among female intimate partner violence victims
Synthesis and optimization of bulky tetraarylstannane as precursors for diarylstannylenes for hydrogen Activation
Impact of children on domestic violence civil protection order completion
An analysis of how print media portrayed drinking water advisories in Indigneous communities in Canada between 2006 - 2020
Queer and Mad