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Reaching for the top
The anxiolytic effect of cannabis
Total variation denoising of diffusion MRI images using a modified monge-kantorovich norm
Combating climate change
Confidence lower bounds for comparing several treatments with a control in monotone dose-response studies
A paleolimnological assessment of the impacts of damming on an upland lake in Nova Scotia
Cervical muscle strength and kinematics during an unanticipated perturbation in university aged male and female rugby athletes
‘The other great eye’
Comparing the effects of acute aerobic exercise on cognition in older adults
Plasticity of pheromone chemistry and female olfactory sensitivity in the tobacco budworm moth Heliothis virescens
It's getting hot in here
Investigating the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizae on Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britt. (Cistaceae) propagated in tissue culture
“Open wide!" effects of air and hydrogen sulphide acclimation on buccal cavity tissue structure in an amphibious fish
Mercury and other metals in sediment, cattails, and invertebrates from Hyla Park and the surrounding wetland, in Fredericton, New Brunswick
Exploring the phenomenon of filamentation in Listeria monocytogenes
Analyzing visual attention and facial affect in response to adult attachment stimuli
Designing and testing a social media framework for higher education
Snailed it
Microcredit and its impact on developing areas
The discursive construction of the Trump impeachment