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Green synthesis of novel naphthalene-based 14-AZA-oxasteroid analogues
Characterizing a new species of obligate marine fungus from Nova Scotia, Lulworthia fundyense daomc 251940 (Lulworthiaceae, ascomycota)
Behind closed doors
Geopolitics with Chinese characteristics
The rise of self-efficacy
A world not for me
Effects of environmentally relevant levels of microplastics on hepatopancreas tissue structure in Carcinus maenas (Green crab)
The relationship between hangover severity and effort as it relates to performance on neurocognitive and physical tasks
Uncovering issues to Chinese college student ministry in Canada to facilitate missional engagement by the church
Cultivating  prayer as a priority for immigrant Chinese pastors in Canada
Some problems on the game of ambush cops and robbers
A petrological comparison of Silurian and Devonian plutons in the Leonard MacLeod Brook and Gillis Mountain areas, Aspy and Mira terranes, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Does personality matter? Perceptions of introverts as general surgeons
Altered environmental stressors and long-term effects on populations of common eider (Somateria mollissima) on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore
Social licence and tidal energy development in Nova Scotia, Canada
Animal passage project
Water and sediment chemistry influences on mercury bioaccumulation in freshwater invertebrates from two lakes in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia
“Why do you put so much gay stuff in your artwork?" “I’m fucking gay, you stupid asshole."