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Differential expression of antifreeze gylcoprotein genes among tissue types in Atlantic tomcod Microgadus tomcod
Novel synthesis of cyclic tertiary enamides from 2-acetylbenzoic acid
Short term simulated microgravity models improve executive function
Lithology and geochemistry of the Nicola Group volcanic and volcaniclastic Host rocks to the Copper Mountain alkaline copper-gold porphyry Deposit, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada.
Universal basic income
Green zinc oxide nanoparticles using plant extracts and encapsulated plant essential oil as tick management tools
Automated sinkhole delineation using lidar in the Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia
Effects of microplastics on vector-related physiology and infection success of Hepatozoon clamate in its mosquito host, Culex territans
Problematic smartphone use
Prayer and perpetration source as predictors of the mental well-being of victims of psychological aggression
From curriculum to teacher practice
Comparison of dynamic and static postural control in individuals with and without a history of concussions
The student experience
Application of the BCG strategy palette on small and medium sized enterprises
An exploration of concussion knowledge, attitudes,and behaviours in the pediatric population
Eudaimonist virtue ethics and the charge of self-absorption
Antifungal activity of individual and combined thyme and cinnamon essential oils and their main components, cinnamaldehyde and thymol, against botrythis cinerea pers
Impact, feasibility, and assessment of virtual physical activity programming for individuals with disabilities
An experimental and computational investigation of the acetone keto-enol tautomerism with acid catalysts
“What men want is so boring...”: