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Beyond calories and currency
An exploration into perceived concussion management practices within a varsity athletic setting
Preliminary comparative analysis of SOX9, KRAS, TP53, APC and SMAD4 gene expression in colorectal patients from the cancer genome atlas -- Firehose legacy study
An exploration of the impacts of temperature stress on an agricultural insect pest, the oblique banded Leafroller (Choristoneura rosaceana)
Does bilingualism enable the acquisition of multiple sensorimotor maps for speech?
Immune responses of mosquitoes infected with Hepatozoon parasites from the blood of garter snakes
Functionalization of carbon dioxide through the use of amino phosphonates
The legitimate value and use of rhetoric in preaching the resurrection
The Commander of Yahweh’s host (Josh 5:13–15)
Familiar, yet new
Central role of spiritual identity in youth ministry
Pentecostalism and the premodern
Common yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) essential oil as a potential repellent and acaracide against ticks (Acari: ixodidae)
Compiling incentivized citizen science data of fishes in Atlantic Canada using a virtual fishing tournament during coronavirus pandemic restrictions
“We must no longer be quiet, modest ladies”
Psychological aggression victimization and perceived social support as predictors of mental well-being in same-sex and mixed-sex relationships
Heroism, fortune, and flyting
Comparative analysis of machine learning algorithms within the domain of charitable giving
The duty to accommodate