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Peasant resistance to globalizing capitalism and accumulation by dispossession
Volunteer motivations as functions of volunteer engagement
Assessing habitat use by migratory birds using marine radar
Passive acoustic detection of harbour porpoises in the Minas Passage
Acoustic communication and the role of antennae as putative acoustic sensory organs in pine engraver beetles, Ips pini
From hobbit holes to the Halls of Héorot
Development of a PM IRRAS device for the detection of persistent chemical warfare agents
New U
Structure and biomass of small-bodied fish populations in Oakland Lake, Nova Scotia
Habitat use by the American Eel (Anguilla rostrata) in relation to substrate and vegetation in Oakland Lake
Windows of opportunity
Rappin' rurality
Association of Escherichia coli with insect species emerging from the Thomas Brook Watershed
When I think about you
Socialism in the 21st century?
The relationships between self-efficacy, multidimensional perfectionism, passion and burnout among varsity athletes
The effect of food conditioning films on the attachment of Listeria monocytogenes to food contact surfaces
Critical value computations for multiple comparisons of three means of unbalanced normal models
Isomorphism of spreads and stars
The relationship of components of experiential and behavioral self-regulation to psychological well-being for long-term and short-term goal pursuits