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∆F508-CFTR stability at the apical membrane of human nasal epithelial cells
“Why do you put so much gay stuff in your artwork?" “I’m fucking gay, you stupid asshole."
“Wait a minute, there’s a sister in there?”
“Trying to find a modern way” to be Christian and feminist
“The revels we shared in the days that are gone”
“The Son of God” in Mark’s Gospel; with special reference to 15:39
“Open wide!" effects of air and hydrogen sulphide acclimation on buccal cavity tissue structure in an amphibious fish
“Le monde a bien changé”
“Become what you are!”
“...but not in the manner proposed by Mr. Totten...” Loyalist settlement in 18th century Cumberland County
‘The other great eye’
Youth offender legislation and social change in Canada since 1908
Youth in conflict with the law
Young blood
You won’t believe what these four theorists think about social media (number three will shock)
You live and you learn
Ya estamos hartos