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Terpene classification using mass spectra data and machine learning
Greek sovereignty and the right to the polis
An investigation of local zeta functions of self-similar fractal strings
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The moderation of embodied attachment on the relationship between visual-temperature cues and prosocial behavioural intentions
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Preparation of amino phosphonates for carbon dioxide capture and functionalization
General game playing with deep reinforcement learning
The effect of a neuromuscular hip fatigue protocol on hip joint kinematics in females during dynamic jump landings and unanticipated cutting
Local ecological knowledge predicting fish behaviour
The relation of adult attachment style to microexpressions of emotions in the face during administration of the adult attachment projective picture system
Impact of COVID-19 & SARS on countries GDP & stock market returns
Towards sustainability
Kendall's Tau for non-independent data
Exploring expression of tp53 in zebrafish, Danio rerio, in response to exogenous cannabinoids and stress