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The importance of considering thermal unpredictability in understanding how fish will respond to climate warming
Identification of compounds produced by male hairpencil glands of Corn Earworm Helicoverpa zea, and their role in male autodetection and female mate acceptance
George MacDonald's Christian universalism within his confessional tradition and today
Teaching divorce and remarriage in its ancient Near East, Greco Roman biblical background, and socio-cultural context, as a possible recovery of martial covenantal oneness in Haitian evangelical diaspora church
Multiprofessional perceptions and attitudes toward integrating ultrasound into an undergraduate medical school curriculum
Comparing the thermal performance of mosquito immunity among species and life stages
Imaginaries of entanglement
Could a trigger warning that encourages adaptive coping be more useful?
Telling our stories The Scripted Lives of Women in Voyage in the Dark, The Penelopiad, and True Story: A Novel
Real-time REM sleep classification
Participating in kingdom shalom
Discovering important features for charitable organizations using machine learning
Quantum with Qiskit
Towards a fully realized smartphone VANET system
The case for care
The effects of percussion stimulation on perceived tightness and soreness, range of motion, and performance measures in trained university students
Masking the relationship between orthography and phonology
Do implicit theories of sexuality shape relationship well-being differently for LGBTQ+  versus  NON-LGBTQ+  individuals?
Burnout, needs satisfaction and coaching
Effect of catnip (Nepeta cataria L.) essential oil on the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis) chemosensory system