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An implementation and analysis
The legalization of recreational cannabis
More than meets the eye
Doubly uniparental inheritance
Exploring the relationships among professional interest and cognitive abilities
Past action, current challenges, and future initiatives  -
Temporal changes in reproductive rate in coyotes (Canis latrans) in Nova Scotia during an incentive program
Temporal frameworks, musical memory, and personal logic
How does political culture affect abortion accessibility?
Effects of inert granite dust treatment on volatile emmisions and herbivory of Asiatic lilies (Lilium asiaticum L.)
Addictive worldviews
Risk-based oil spill response planning for the south coast of Newfoundland
Observing plant reactions from mimicking florivory from Mompha capella, (Momphidae) larvae on populations of Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britt, (Cistaceae)
The safe Third country agreement
Truth and knowledge in pure mathematics
Shakespeare's comic killjoys
Cecil Lake British Columbia
Transgression in queer theory
Exploring gene expression during wound healing and limb regeneration in the common sea star, Asterias rubens
The "Year of Apology"