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The history of township of Cornwallis
The potentiometric determination of ascorbic acid and the fluorimetric determination of thiamine
Twenty years of trade unionism in Canada
An introduction to job analysis
"Hessians" in Annapolis County
Clements Township
Anglo-German naval rivalry, 1890-1916
Industrial development and urbanization of Pictou County to 1900
Edward Manning's Journal
The Dominion Atlantic and Nova Scotia
A comparative study of some environmental factors affecting beaver colony site locations
A study of winter concentration areas and food habits of moose in Nova Scotia
The spiritual effect of fasting
Some applications of complex variables to plane geometry
Brood ecology of the Common Eider (Somateria mollissima dresseri) in the Liscombe area of Nova Scotia
The development of an Acadian village
The Nova Scotia Judicial System
Leaders of the Black Baptists of Nova Scotia, 1782-1832
A graph theoretic model for configurational isomerism
The search for identity in the Manawaka novels of Margaret Laurence