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The synthesis of N,C-Bound phosphenium cations and reactivity studies with hydrogen, ammonia and carbon dioxide
The synthesis of novel Stannylenes and testing their reactivity towards forming heavy element multiple bonds
Novel phosphinoamines for carbon dioxide capture
A synthetic and computational investigation into the reactivity of silylenes towards small molecule activation and heavy element multiple bonds
A new approach to the synthesis of asymmetric heavy multiple bonds
N,C-bound phosphenium cations as main group hydrogenation catalysts
Synthesis of asymmetric multiple bonds between heavy main group elements
Synthesis of asymmetric main group multiple bonds with phosphenium cation precursors and group 14 carbenoids
Towards the synthesis of heavy main group compounds with asymmetric double bonds
Development of an atom economical method for phosphenium cation synthesis
N,C-bound phosphenium cations
N,N-bound phosphenium cations: synthesis and reactivity with carbon dioxide and oxidizing reagents