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Relations of adult attachment using the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System, maltreatment history, depression, and childhood behaviour problems in a very high-risk sample
A longitudinal study of attachment and self-processes
Quality of child-parent relationships
Adult attachment style and caregiver attitudes before and after raising a virtual child
Relationships, emotional distress, and caregiving helplessness in high-risk mother-child dyads
An examination of loss
Parent-child relationships, adult attachment style, and joint play in high-risk parents and their young children
Parent-child relationships, emotional availability, and adult attachment representations in a high psychosocial risk sample
Preliminary findings from a sensitivity-based intervention for families with maltreatment histories
Assessing adult attachment and the feelings that develop after raising a virtual child
Interrelations of mother-child relationship harmony, maternal personality features, and history of childhood trauma in high psychosocial risk families
Mother-child relationships in a small high-risk sample: sensitivity, attachment security, and talk about thoughts and feelings
Relationship processes and students' conversations about health when reading to a child-surrogate doll
Experimentally controlled book reading and attachment styles
Sexuality and personality of adolescents within the framework of attachment
The influence of attachment style on caregiver attitudes and parental feelings towards a child raised in a virtual environment
Talking about health events
A cross-cultural examination of the role of family pressure on academic motivation and career choices
Adult attachment styles and parent-child discourse during joint-reading about medical procedures and hospitalisation
Attachment security and internal working models of relationships during separation from parents and pain experience