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A comparison of doctrine of Satan in the Bible and the Qur’an
Deutero dipping?
Generating accurate virtual examples for lifelong machine learning
Relations of adult attachment using the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System, maltreatment history, depression, and childhood behaviour problems in a very high-risk sample
It's all about sex-here and now
Attachment, burnout, and civility in hospital co-workers at Two Time points
Field relations, petrology, and tectonic setting of mafic rocks in the northwestern Aspy terrane, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Testing a mediational model :
Synthetic studies on 1,3-diketones leading to novel curcumin analogs
Efficacy of probiotics in improving memory and symptoms of anxiety and ADHD in children
Housing : one structural Influence on everyday, household-based pro- environmental practices
Metamorphic conditions and reactions responsible for biotite box structure in andalusite porphyroblasts, Pubnico, Nova Scotia
Mental and physical health differences between burnout, engagement, and other work experiences : a cluster analysis
A document exploring system on LDA topic model for Wikipedia articles
Novel phosphinoamines for carbon dioxide capture
An evaluation of the relationship between adventure tourism and environmental sustainability
"Music was our only weapon"
Attitudes towards performance-enhancing drugs in academics
Protected waters
Dr. Flow