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Relations of adult attachment using the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System, maltreatment history, depression, and childhood behaviour problems in a very high-risk sample
Attachment, burnout, and civility in hospital co-workers at Two Time points
Effects of a probiotic supplement on anxiety and mood balance in adults
Obstacles and opportunities
Effects of probiotics on memory, ADHD, and anxiety in children
Attachment and support processes in cardiac rehabilitation
A longitudinal study of relationship script correspondence within the romantic dyad
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
The influence of development and methylphenidate on selective attention in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Associations between penetration cognitions and the experience of genital pain and sexual well-being in women with provoked vestibulodynia
Attachment and the development of attention in young children
The role of gender in Mental Health Court participation and outcomes
Preliminary findings from a sensitivity-based intervention for families with maltreatment histories
Exploring processes and relationships among exhaustion and incivility in the workplace
The moderating effects of control, community, reward, values, and general resources on workload manageability for the outcome of exhaustion
Effects of probiotics on symptoms of anxiety and depression in adults
Faulty cognitions as mediators of the association between maladaptive relationships and emotional distress
The relationship between attachment style and cognitive processing of emotionally supportive material
Dyadic coping, attachment styles, and well-being
Interrelations of mother-child relationship harmony, maternal personality features, and history of childhood trauma in high psychosocial risk families