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Validity of step count and intensity related physical activity measures of several physical activity monitoring devices
Implementation and perceived effectiveness of the exercise is Medicine Canada exercise prescription resources among health care providers across Canada
Use of vibration training to enhance muscular strength and power in athletes
Whole body vibration training as an exercise intervention strategy for individuals with type 2 diabetes
The relationship between dietary and supplement practices and measured performance improvements among university level athletes
The effect of providing supplemental physical activity & exercise resources in diabetes centers on physical activity and exercise levels of patients with diabetes
The acute metabolic and glycemic response of resistance exercise in individuals with type 2 diabetes
Rat skeletal muscle Na+, K+ -atpase content and activity, with and without exercise following spinal cord transection
Chocolate milk as a recovery aid from fatiguing exercise
Validation of subjective measures of physical activity and physical fitness for diabetes clinical practice
Enhanced skating performance in amateur hockey players from 16 weeks of 'super specific' periodized training