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Molecular evolution and in silico analysis of the mitochondrial genome of the hermaphroditic swan mussel, Anodonta cygnea (Bivalvia: Unionoida)
An exploration of Northeastern Coyote (Canis latrans var.) morphology using mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplotypes and nuclear DNA (nuDNA) microsatellites
Doubly uniparental inheritance
The mitochondrial H-ORF of the Swan mussel Anodonta cygnea
Biodiversity of marine fungi in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, seawater and their oil degradation potential.
Molecular analysis of Mytilus edulis mitochondrial DNA polymorphism
Doubly uniparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in the marine horse mussel (Modiolus modiolus)
Phylogeographic analysis of Purple Sandpipers (Calidris maritima) as revealed by mitochondrial DNA and microsatellites
Design and optimization of primers for selective qPCR amplification of alternate mitochondrial genomes in the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis
Distribution and frequency of mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in Mytilus edulis populations of Western Nova Scotia
Sequencing the control region of the male-transmitted mitochondrial genome of the horse mussel, Modiolus modiolus
Use of restriction fragment length polymorphisms to determine the presence of Sorex maritimensis and Sorex albibarbis DNA from fecal samples across Nova Scotia and parts of New Brunswick
Recently-masculinized and standard male mitotypes of Mytilus edulis in natural mussel beds of Nova Scotia
Spawning, fertilization, and molecular methodologies to study relative fertilization success of recently masculinized and standard male mitotypes of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis
A survey of potential bacterial zoonotic pathogens in shrew feces
Exploring control region variability in Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) mitochondrial DNA for use in characterizing populations
Attempted amplification of the enzyme Peptidase A from Sorex cinereus from Bon Portage Island, Nova Scotia
Molecular characterization of the unique Peptidase A Allele within a population of Sorex cinereus on Bon Portage Island, Nova Scotia
Attempted characterization of the toxic properties of salivary gland extracts in Sorex shrews