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Facilitating sport for development by partnering organizational support and local coaches
Exploring how residential camp employment may facilitate transferable skills for future work and education
The perceived benefits and barriers for baby boomers volunteering in hospital settings
Cultural tourism development and the Mosuo people in Lugu Lake, China
Social media as a tool for young women's need satisfaction
International volunteerism
Exploring the relationship between Aboriginal ecotourism and community-based development in Haida Gwaii, Canada
Volunteers' relationship with community
Risk management in Canadian post-secondary outdoor adventure education
Evolving perspectives
An investigation of recreation and cohesion in isolated communities
Leave no trace knowledge and adherence to minimal impact practices
An investigation of the lifestyle transition of first year female students at risk academically
The perceived impact of the Acadia Advantage program on the leisure lifestyle and leisure satisfaction of the students at Acadia University
The role of ecotourism in Aboriginal community development