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Test for monotonic trend with seasonal effects in time series data
Statistical surrogate modelling of a deterministic financial model for tidal energy generation
Ehrenfest equation control
Cordial labeling of some new and existing classes of graphs
Nonparametric and semiparametric outlier detection and quality control in seasonal time series data
Exploring the properties of the UEPSWOR sampling algorithms via simulations
Investigating the usefulness of multidimensional radix representations for computing
Validation and calibration of tidal models in the Bay of Fundy
Assessing the accuracy of Bayesian Additive Regression Tree credible intervals
The Decoy game of cops and robber
Bayesian variable selection for time series regression, with application to waste water monitoring
Generalizing mutual clusters
Calibrating high dimensional computationally expensive computer simulators with functional response
A Statistical Perspective on Calibration of Computer Models with Tidal Power Application
A stage-wise surrogate modelling algorithm for tidal power simulators
An expected improvement criterion for the global optimization of a noisy computer simulator
Skolem labelled snakes and stegosaurs
Predictive modeling for alumni donations
Contributions to multiple comparisons procedures
An alternative method for ordered ANOVA under unequal variances