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Using partial digestions in PedoGeochemical exploration to understand interactions between reagents and soil mineral matrices
Towards a method for the partial extraction of metals in soils
Development of an online partial extraction method for geochemical exploration
Development of an analytical method for the measurement of copper isotope ratios in mineral exploration
The partial extraction of soil samples across the Gay's River lead-zinc deposit via a cation exchange mechanism
Detecting fine-grained gold in pedogeochemical samples from the Fifteen Mile Stream gold property, Nova Scotia
Assessment of heavy metal contamination in Halifax harbour using mussel and tunicate biomonitors and diffusive gradients in thin films
Evaluation of biomarkers of arsenic exposure from well water in two rural Nova Scotian communities
The use of partial digestion techniques in pedogeochemical exploration
An investigation of partial extractions designed to solubilize lead and zinc via a complexation desorption mechanism
An investigation of trace metal speciation of natural waters using a novel in situ sampling device
Chemical speciation of Zn(II), Cd(II), Pb(II) and Cu(II) in solutions of humic acid