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Are there differences between how organizations promote their commitment to workplace diversity and how they enact it within their organizations?
Business, economy, society and sport
A critique of the knowledge base of organizational studies in business education
Being efficient versus becoming efficient
An exploratory study of the effects of information and computing technologies on the practice of law
An exploratory study of bring your own devices (BYODs) & their relationship with the phenomena of technostress & presenteeism
Doing good better
Justice Frank Iacobucci on principles of fairness in employment law
An exploratory study of how individuals perceive aggression in e-mail
An exploratory study of e-mail and performance feedback in organizations
Recruitment and retention
Barriers to entrepreneurship in Bangladesh
An exploratory investigation into technology, work, and the internet generation
Involvement and the innovative communicator
Definitions and organizational practice of sustainability in the for-profit sector of Nova Scotia
The efficacy of digital rights management and private copying levies to moderate the extent of digital piracy
To explore women's career progression experiences and decisions in light of the persistence of a wage gap in academic ranks
Proactive regulation
Sex role stereotyping in the Canadian advertising industry