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Testing a mediational model :
Attachment and support processes in cardiac rehabilitation
Support processes in cardiac rehabilitation
A longitudinal study of relationship script correspondence within the romantic dyad
Exploring the decision to give versus withhold feedback on others' romantic relationship
Exploring potential gender differences in relationship memory, and their association with well-being
When I think about you
Dyadic coping, attachment styles, and well-being
When you need a hand
Adult attachment styles as predictors of pain experience in a social context
Attachment, support processes, and efficacy dynamics within cardiac rehabilitation
Support and attachment processes in cardiac rehabilitation
A diary study of dyadic coping in romantic relationships
Can attachment style predict memory phenomenology?
An experimental study of attachment styles and dyadic coping
Adult attachment styles as predictors of the use and sequencing of coping strategies
Do attachment styles moderate reactions to pain catastrophizing
Ambivalent and supportive close relationships and health outcomes
Perceived social support for relationships as a predictor of mental and physical health in same-sex and other-sex relationships
In search of the generation gap