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Plant and aquatic invertebrate diversity in agricultural riparian zones, the the Tri-brook watershed, Annapolis Valley, in repsonse to disturbance by cattle
Genetic relationships, movement patterns, spatial dynamics and diet of the eastern coyote (Canus latrans var.) in Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Impact of water chemistry on invertebrate communities in agricultural wetlands in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Factors affecting brood rearing by ducks on small wetlands in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Cheloniochronology of the NS Blanding's turtle
Deer wintering habitat models for two regions of Nova Scotia
Optimizing the use of the EcoPlate to achieve the most consistent results when characterizing the microbial content of riparian area soils
Effects of spruce bark beetle infestations on grizzly bear forage
Predator and prey population dynamics and distribution
Black bear (Ursus americanus) habitat ecology as related to aspects of forest management in southern New Brunswick
Movement dynamics of the forked fungus beetle, Bolitotherus cornutus Panzer (Coleoptera: tenebrionidae)
Black bears (Ursus americanus) in northeastern Labrador
Effects of forest management practices on forest structure and selected epiphytic lichens in Nova Scotia
Habitat use and reproduction of female ring-necked pheasants in eastern Kings County, Nova Scotia
Acadian Forest stewards
The effect of spatial scale on measuring spatial isolation and predicting the incidence of a beetle parasite and its fungal host in continuous and fragmented landscapes
Habitat use and population spatial structure of the forked fungus beetle, Bolitotherus cornutus Panzer
Population parameters and multivariate modeling of winter habitat for moose (Alces alces) on mainland Nova Scotia