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Age and gender effect on muscle activation patterns in the dominantand non-dominant legs of soccer players during unanticipated sidestep cuts
The effect of distraction on female lower limb biomechanics during a drop jump landing
Sex and leg dominance effects on neuromuscular control patterns and lower body biomechanics during single leg landings of post-pubescent athletes
Gender and leg dominance comparison of muscle activation patterns in pre- or early pubescent soccer players while performing unanticipated side-cuts: relevance to non-contact ACL injuries
The effect of ankle taping on dominant and non-dominant legs’ lower limb muscle activation patterns during unanticipated cutting maneuvers on artificial field-turf
Muscle activation patterns during game-like cutting maneuvers on artificial field turf
Lower limb neuromuscular differences exist when comparing audio and visual cues to induce an unanticipated sidecut maneuver in elite soccer players
The effect of sex and age on lower extremity muscle co-contraction during walking and running
Sex and age effects on neuromuscular co-contraction patterns during double leg jump landings
Muscle activity patterns of the upper limb and trunk during accelerated and constant maximum velocity sledge hockey propulsion
Medial versus lateral and unanticiapted versus anticipated neuromuscular differences exist in side cut and lateral false step maneuvers performed by male football players
Neuromuscular approach in sport specificity
Alterations in muscle activity patterns during during overground walking and treadmill walking at level and uphill inclines in an older active female population