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Mental health help-seeking by university students
A qualitative analysis of the psychological aids for discontinuing opioid replacement therapy discussed on online forums
The role of gender in Mental Health Court participation and outcomes
Mapping the mental health needs of Acadia University students
Condom use and associated variables in a university population
Behavioral and neuroendocrine responses to alarm pheromone in Zebrafish
Social support, stress, and cognitive coping strategies as predictors of anxiety and depression during the transition to university
The relations between a self-reported major stressor and stress-related growth
Informed medical decision making by example of the Gardasil® vaccination program in Canada
Humour and coping
Cardiovascular, endocrine and affective responses to an acute psychosocial stressor
Wolf behavior at the densite and responses to simulated wolf and coyote howls near rendezvous sites
Risk factors for depression and anxiety