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Photorelease of carboxylic acids from vitamin B6-derived photocages
Substituent effects on photodecarboxylation reactions of arylacetic acids
Synthesis of photoremovable protecting groups for diol derivatives
Probing enantioselective substrate specificity for macrocyclization by 6-deoxyerythronolide thioesterase
Synthesis of m-Nitrophenylpropionic acid photoremovable protecting groups
Substituent effects on the reaction rates of photogenerated quinone methide
Meso-functionalized BODIPY dyes
Synthesis of m‐nitrophenylacetate photocages
The reactivity of diarylgermylenes with allyl chloride
Two-Photon Excitation Photodynamic Therapy
The photochemistry of diarylmethylammonium salts
Photochemistry of 2,7-disubstituted-9-fluorenyl alcohols and esters
Synthesis and photochemistry of 9-acetoxy-9-benzoylfluorene
Photogeneration of meta and para quinone methides from quaternary ammonium salts