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Environmental factors affect DNA methylation in the marine polychaete Polydora cornuta (Annelida)
Effects of bisphenol-A and bisphenol-S on regeneration and DNA methylation in the marine worm Pygospio elegans
Bisphenol a disrupts regeneration in Pygospio elegans (Polychaeta: spionidae)
Investigation of the importance of maternal and zygotic environment in determining offspring phenotype.
Methylation, pass it on!: potential transgenerational epigenetic effects on phenotypic plasticity in Polydora cornuta
Look at you in those genes!
Heterochrony in tissue differentiation is linked to intra-specific larval diversity in the polychaete Boccardia proboscidea
Watching that diet & getting on those genes
A nerve racking experience . . . regeneration of the central nervous system in the Polychaete Pygospio Elegans (Spionidae)
A naked beginning
The effects of egg size on early development
A descriptive analysis of recent changes in benthic communities at Evangeline Beach, Nova Scotia
A histological and ontogenic analysis of epidermal glands of the spionids Boccardia proboscidea, Polydora cornuta, Pygospio elegans and Streblospio benedicti
Egg size, yolk content and gastrulation in the polychaete, Streblospio benedicti webster
Pygospio elegans
Forging a head