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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
The influence of development and methylphenidate on selective attention in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Digital media usage and the development of inhibition in young children
Attachment and the development of attention in young children
The relationship between attachment, sleep and the development of attention in young children
Cross-modal effects of emotion on early visual and auditory perception
Visual processing of distractors in an enumeration task
Early digital media exposure and response inhibition in children
Cultural influences on multimodal time perception
Multiple object tracking in individuals with Down syndrome
Visual and temporal processing deficits in reading disabled youth
A Naturalistic measurement of attention orienting and its relation to individual differences in attention-related problems in a normative sample of children
Cognitive impairments in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
The development of executive functions during preschool
Selective and sustained attention in children with and without attention difficulties