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Synthetic studies on 1,3-diketones leading to novel curcumin analogs
Domino approach to complex heterocycles
Synthesis of substituted 6,6a-dihydroisoindolo [2,1-a]quinolin-11(5H)-ones
Synthetic studies on benzo-fused five-membered N/O heterocycles
Green syntheses of 2-naphthol-based oxapolycycles
Synthesis and bioevaluation of 1-arylidene-3, 4-dihydro-3-(phenylallylidene)-naphthalen-2(1H)-ones as novel anti-neoplastic agents
Design, synthesis and bioevaluation of novel potential anticancer prodrugs and condensation reactions of pyridine carboxaldehydes on 2 - tetralones
In pursuit of novel antibacterial fluoroquinolones
Enzyme-assisted kinetic resolution of novel 2-naphthol mannich bases
Novel molecular skeletons derived from 2-tetralone and 2-naphthol analogs