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An angular analysis of the B -> K*µ+µ- decay using anti-de sitter/Quantum Chromodynamics
Simulation of transmission electron microscopy diffraction patterns
Transmission electron microscopy analysis of MnSi on SiC
REBIC analysis of charge density waves in TaS3
Physics beyond the standard model
Charge density waves in Nb3M4 (M = Se, Te) intercalated with Tl and In
New physics search
3-dimensional finite volume ocean coastal modelling of the Grand Passage
Photophysical investigation of coordination complexes for application in photodynamic therapy
Spectroscopy of luminescence materials for optimizing down-conversion efficiency
Search for dark matter
Digital in-line holography and the numerical reconstruction of holograms
Search for the Higgs boson in the H -> WW(*) -> lvlv channel using multivariate analysis techniques
Multislice simulation of TEM images
Optimization of the monocular indirect ophthalmoscope
Spectroscopy of phosphors YVO4 and GdVO4 for estimating down-conversion efficiency
Optical bistability and soliton switching in an optical ring cavity
Searching for new sources of strong CP violation
Design and refinement of a broad-spectrum imaging system for the examination of archival documents