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An exploration of concussion knowledge, attitudes, and reporting behaviours in varsity athletes
The effects of aerobic exercise intensity on cognition in adults aged 18-45
Effects of a jaw-repositioning custom-made mouthguard on athletic performance
The constructs of adapted aquatic programming for children and youth with disabilities
Effects of a custom made mandibular repositioning mouthguard on airway dynamics and aerobic performance in trained cyclists
Validity of step count and intensity related physical activity measures of several physical activity monitoring devices
Implementation and perceived effectiveness of the exercise is Medicine Canada exercise prescription resources among health care providers across Canada
Age and gender effect on muscle activation patterns in the dominantand non-dominant legs of soccer players during unanticipated sidestep cuts
Effects of exercise intensity on quality of life in adults age 18-45
The effects of cold water immersion on recovery from eccentric exercise in active university males
The effect of ankle taping and visual input on activation magnitudes of ankle musculature during jump landing in basketball players
Examining female coaching experiences
Use of vibration training to enhance muscular strength and power in athletes
Whole body vibration training as an exercise intervention strategy for individuals with type 2 diabetes
Comparing the effects of kinesiology tape, tensor wrapping, and tire-tubing on quadriceps strength, agility, speed, and perceived comfort in varsity soccer players
Exploring the behaviours of young children with autism spectrum disorder in a motor development program
The effect of distraction on female lower limb biomechanics during a drop jump landing
The use of therapeutic riding to enhance physical competence in adolescent girls
An experimental examination of the effects of sports-related television content on exercise-related cognitions