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Reproduction, nest site selection, and neonatal behaviour in a northern peripheral population of Blanding's turtle, Emydoidea blandingii
In the cold and near the edge
The impacts of historical and ongoing human activities on amphibian diversity in Bilsa Biological Station, western Ecuador
Cheloniochronology of the NS Blanding's turtle
Deer wintering habitat models for two regions of Nova Scotia
Marrying conservation and exploitation
Headstarting Blanding’s turtles (Emydoidea blandingii) in Nova Scotia
Movement rates, movement patterns, and home ranges of endangered Blanding's turtles (Emydoidea blandingii) in Nova Scotia.
Examining spatial ecology at multiple scales
Quantification of fine scale genetic structure in a peripheral population of Blanding's turtle (Emydodidea blandingii) in Pleasant River, Nova Scotia
Microsatellite primers for studying structure of the eastern ribbonsnake (Thamnophis sauritus)
Spatial ecology in a northern disjunct population of southern flying squirrel, Glaucomys volans
Fine scale movements of wetland small mammals
Distribution of the leatherback turtle, Dermochelys coriacea, in Atlantic Canada
Investigating variables affecting Blanding's turtle, Emydoidea blandingii, patch occupancy and trapping success in Nova Scotia
Using spatially explicit regression models to predict the geographic distributions of species
Dispersal of neonate Blanding's turtles (Emydoidea blandingi) in Nova Scotia
Aspects of Newfoundland black bear, Ursus americanus hamiltoni, food habits and habitat use in human-influenced environments
Orientation and movement patterns of reciprocally transplanted wood turtles (Clemmys insculpta LeConte) in northeastern Nova Scotia