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Women and beer
Tradition and culture versus supply and demand
Analysis of the Meals on Wheels programs in the Annapolis Valley Health District
Social barriers in nutrition and mental health
Developing a consumer language to describe local red wines using projective mapping
Nova Scotia dietitians' experiences with Orthorexia nervosa
Evaluation of a curriculum-appropriate nutrition education video informed by Nova Scotia adolescents’ needs and preferences for new media
The adequacy of texture modified menus in long-term care facilities in Nova Scotia with relation to Canada's Food Guide
Eating while at university
The assessment of vitamin B12 by Nova Scotia family practitioners
The implementation and evaluation of the S.M.I.L.E. Snack Program for children of varying abilities
Ethics of participatory action research on food security related projects
Nutrition knowledge and practices of varsity coaches at a Canadian university
Impact on medium-term individual capacity building from involvement in Participatory Food Costing
The relationships between physical activity, nutrition, and sleep patterns on skeletal health and quality of life in elderly adults
Investigating the consumption of sports supplements amongst varsity athletes with a focus on supplement contamination, frequency of use, and motivation
Field testing the nutrition inventory for community-dwelling elders (NICE) to determine consumer readability and comprehension
Exploring consumers’ perception of Nova Scotia white wine
Children's and university students' liking of organic apples grown with or without the use of reflective mulch