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Attachment, support processes, and efficacy dynamics within cardiac rehabilitation
Support and attachment processes in cardiac rehabilitation
Examining varsity and club athletes' attitudes towards performance-enhancing drugs and nutritional supplements
That's my kid; you've probably heard of him!
The use of therapeutic riding to enhance physical competence in adolescent girls
An experimental examination of the effects of sports-related television content on exercise-related cognitions
Implementation and perceived effectiveness of the Canadian Diabetes Association’s physical activity resources among diabetes care providers across Canada
Exploring the discrepancies and relationship between parent/guardian and child perceptions in the context of an intervention for childhood obesity
Perceptions and understanding of activity messages
The relationships between self-efficacy, multidimensional perfectionism, passion and burnout among varsity athletes
Just doing it or just selling it?
Psychological skill use, adherence, & relationships in injury rehabilitation
Does what I hear become what I see and what I do?
Perceived teaching practices of physical education teachers and the exercise related thoughts and behaviours of their students
Reflections of nature in the mirror of capitalism
Is it who I am or who I'm with that counts?
Skip rope or skip a meal?
Dressed to impress
Diabetes educators' confidence in exercise counseling
Examining the impact of exercise instructor delivery style on proxy related social cognitions and exercise behaviour