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Mercury and methylmercury bioaccumulation by polychaete worms is governed by both feeding ecology and mercury bioavailability in coastal mudflats
Quantifying the effects of soil temperature, moisture and sterilization on elemental mercury formation in boreal soils
Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Mercury
Quantifying the effects of photoreactive dissolved organic matter on methylmercury photodemethylation rates in freshwaters
Assessing the utility of dissolved organic matter photoreactivity as a predictor of in situ methylmercury concentration
Assessing the utility of sulfur isotope values for understanding mercury concentrations in water and biota from high Arctic lakes
A Comparison of Mercury Biomagnification through Lacustrine Food Webs Supporting Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) and Other Salmonid Fishes
Historical patterns in mercury exposure for North American songbirds
Spatial distribution of mercury and other potentially toxic elements using epiphytic lichens in Nova Scotia
A paleolimnological archive of metal sequestration and release in the Cumberland Basin Marshes, Atlantic Canada