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Marine birds of the Hell Gate Polynya, Nunavut, Canada
Arctic seabirds and shrinking sea ice: Egg analyses reveal the importance of ice-derived resources
How Wildlife Research Can Be Used to Promote Wider Community Participation in the North
Planet Arctic: Life at the top of the world by Wayne Lynch.
Temporal and spatial patterns in the diet of northern fulmars Fulmarus glacialis in the Canadian High Arctic
Trophic position influences the efficacy of seabirds as metal biovectors
Miniaturized data loggers and computer programming improve seabird risk and damage assessments for marine oil spills in Atlantic Canada.
Multicolony tracking reveals the winter distribution of a pelagic seabird on an ocean basin scale
New Longevity Record for Ivory Gulls (Pagophila eburnea) and Evidence of Natal Philopatry
Incidental Observations of Birds in the Vicinity of Hell Gate Polynya, Nunavut: Species, Timing, and Diversity
Breeding Habitats and New Breeding Locations for Ross’s Gull (Rhodostethia rosea) in the Canadian High Arctic
Identification of Mompha capella Busck, a Microlepidopteran Predator of an Endangered Plant, Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britton, in Nova Scotia
Abundance and species diversity hotspots of tracked marine predators across the North American Arctic
Variable sea‐ice conditions influence trophic dynamics in an Arctic community of marine top predators
Adult survival of Arctic terns in the Canadian High Arctic
Nest usurpation by a common eider toward a long-tailed duck
Leucocyte profiles of Arctic marine birds: correlates of migration and breeding phenology
Apparent survival of adult Leach’s Storm-petrels (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) breeding on Bon Portage Island, Nova Scotia
Financial costs of conducting science in the Arctic: examples from seabird research
Diet dichotomy between two migrant seabirds breeding near a high Arctic polynya