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Status, Trends and Attendance Patterns of the Northern Fulmar <i>Fulmarus glacialis</i> in Nunavut, Canada
Local Ecological Knowledge of Ivory Gull Declines in Arctic Canada
Marine birds breeding in Penny Strait and Queens Channel, Nunavut, Canada
Monitoring nest box use by cavity-nesting ducks on acid-stressed lakes in Ontario, Canada
Can Local Ecological Knowledge Contribute to Wildlife Management? Case Studies of Migratory Birds
Breeding and Non-Breeding Range of Canada, Branta canadensis, and Cackling Geese, Branta hutchinsii, in the Eastern Canadian Arctic
Recommended best practices for plastic and litter ingestion studies in marine birds: Collection, processing, and reporting
Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) predation on adult thick-billed murres (Uria lomvia) at Coats Island, Nunavut, Canada
Population structure of Purple Sandpipers ( Calidris maritima ) as revealed by mitochondrial DNA and microsatellites
New Frontiers for Chemical Ecology: Reaffirming a Commitment to the Göteborg Resolution
Winter home range and habitat selection differs among breeding populations of herring gulls in eastern North America
A geographical comparison of mercury in seabirds in the eastern Canadian Arctic
Gull diets reveal dietary partitioning, influences of isotopic signatures on body condition, and ecosystem changes at a remote colony
Reactions of ground-nesting marine birds to human disturbance in the Canadian Arctic
Annual Movement Patterns of Endangered Ivory Gulls: The Importance of Sea Ice
The Status of Glaucous Gulls Larus hyperboreus in the Circumpolar Arctic
Assessing regional populations of ground-nesting marine birds in the Canadian High Arctic
Spatially explicit network analysis reveals multi‐species annual cycle movement patterns of sea ducks
Helminths in common eiders (Somateria mollissima): Sex, age, and migration have differential effects on parasite loads
Changes in Isotopic Niches across Stages of the Annual Cycle in the Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea)