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Cognitive flexibility of single language users and multiple language users in a priming task
Volunteer motivations as functions of volunteer engagement
When I think about you
The relationships between self-efficacy, multidimensional perfectionism, passion and burnout among varsity athletes
The relationship of components of experiential and behavioral self-regulation to psychological well-being for long-term and short-term goal pursuits
Electrophysiological assessment of aspects of language in a child with Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation
Understanding The Basics Of Decision Making
The maturation of neural systems supporting reading development in children
Exploring the discrepancies and relationship between parent/guardian and child perceptions in the context of an intervention for childhood obesity
The mediating effects of coworker trust on incivility, psychological safety, and satisfaction among nursing professionals
When you need a hand
Probiotics and the microbiome
How well do people use numbers in decision making?
Contributions of image presentation, verbal presentation, and practice to learning a procedural motor task
Mother-child relationships in a small high-risk sample: sensitivity, attachment security, and talk about thoughts and feelings
An electrophysiological study of the influence of category predictability on phonological activation in visual word recognition
Supervisor incivility and coworker incivility as predictors of instigated incivility in a sample of nursing professionals
Orthographic influences on metaphonological tasks: evidence from event-related brain potentials (ERP)
Convergent and predective validity of the Self-Control and Self-Management Scale(SCMS)
Mapping the mental health needs of Acadia University students