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Searching for new sources of strong CP violation
Design and refinement of a broad-spectrum imaging system for the examination of archival documents
Reduction of uncertainties for the Qweak experiment
Optical bistability and soliton switching in an optical ring cavity
An angular analysis of the B -> K*µ+µ- decay using anti-de sitter/Quantum Chromodynamics
Charge density waves in Nb3M4 (M = Se, Te) intercalated with Tl and In
Physics beyond the standard model
New physics search
TEM characterization of MnSi layers grown on Si [111] substrates
Quantum dots
Miniaturization of a wet oxidation method for determination of carbon content of copepods and daphnia using a fibre-optic microspectrometer
Transmission electron microscopy analysis of MnSi on SiC
Charge density waves in ZnxNb3Te4: effects of Zn intercalation
Field emission from vertically aligned carbon nanotubes
Synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles
The production of muon and tau neutrinos in core-collapse supernovae
Development and characterization of a near-infrared cathodoluminescence detector
Optimization of the monocular indirect ophthalmoscope
Results of a ground magnetic survey over the Bloody Creek bolide impact crater near Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Detection of charge density waves in TAS3 using SEM EBIC