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Development of statistical tools to analyze young athletes' biomechanics during movement tasks
Confidence lower bounds for comparing several treatments with a control in monotone dose-response studies
Total variation denoising of diffusion MRI images using a modified monge-kantorovich norm
Key mismatch attacks on RLWE encryption schemes
Canadian federal election expenses modeling
The game of sandwich cops and robber
Modelling the behaviour of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) in the presence of in-stream tidal turbines in MInas Passage, Nova Scotia
Ehrenfest equation control
The Decoy game of cops and robber
An alternative method for ordered ANOVA under unequal variances
Cordial labeling of some new and existing classes of graphs
Validation and calibration of tidal models in the Bay of Fundy
Predictive modeling for alumni donations
Constructions of fractal probability measures with uniform marginals
Skolem labelled snakes and stegosaurs
Investigation into the exact controllability of the 1-D Schrodinger equation
A stage-wise surrogate modelling algorithm for tidal power simulators
The game of Ambush Cops and Robbers played on graphs
A model for the estimation of emergency maintenance cost for a 10 MW tidal energy conversion installation
Characterizations of completeness and the Archimedean Property in countably cofinal ordered fields