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Critical value computations for multiple comparisons of three means of unbalanced normal models
Isomorphism of spreads and stars
Grundy oriented colouring
Top-antitop cross-section measurement strategy with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
Minkowski dimension and content of fractals
Tidal energy
Why the bad guys always get caught
Characterizations of completeness and the Archimedean Property in countably cofinal ordered fields
Simultaneous confidence bands for logistic regression with applications to miticide effectiveness study
Ambush cops and robbers
Modeling power output for tidal turbines
Particle swarm optimization applied to tidal turbine placement in the Minas Passage
Modelling energy output to optimize tidal turbine placement
Distribution properties of the sign statistic for stationary time series data
Investigation into the exact controllability of the 1-D Schrodinger equation
A stage-wise surrogate modelling algorithm for tidal power simulators
The Decoy game of cops and robber
An alternative method for ordered ANOVA under unequal variances
A graph theoretic model for configurational isomerism