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Parental knowledge of and attitudes towards concussion management and the return-to-play protocols in youth minor hockey
The effect of sex and age on lower extremity muscle co-contraction during walking and running
An exploration of concussion knowledge, attitudes, and reporting behaviours in varsity athletes
The constructs of adapted aquatic programming for children and youth with disabilities
Effects of a jaw-repositioning custom-made mouthguard on athletic performance
The effects of cold water immersion on recovery from eccentric exercise in active university males
Tailoring coaching to athletes’ needs
Exploring the impact of diet and physical activity intensity on behaviours of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sex and leg dominance effects on neuromuscular control patterns and lower body biomechanics during single leg landings of post-pubescent athletes
That's my kid; you've probably heard of him!
The influence of training stress on executive functions and brain metabolism within female varsity soccer players
Examining varsity and club athletes' attitudes towards performance-enhancing drugs and nutritional supplements
The effects of aerobic exercise intensity on cognition in adults aged 18-45
Dressed to impress
Are Wii Fit or foolish?
The effect of breath retention of swimming skills in pre-school children
Enhanced skating performance in amateur hockey players from 16 weeks of 'super specific' periodized training
The satisfaction of adolescent females in single sex physical education