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Perceived teaching practices of physical education teachers and the exercise related thoughts and behaviours of their students
The relationship between dietary and supplement practices and measured performance improvements among university level athletes
The acute metabolic and glycemic response of resistance exercise in individuals with type 2 diabetes
The effect of providing supplemental physical activity & exercise resources in diabetes centers on physical activity and exercise levels of patients with diabetes
Examining the male coach-male athlete relationship involving starting and non-starting athletes
Influence of ankle taping and spatting on range of motion, perceived stability, perceived comfort, and performance in male varsity football athletes
Psychological skill use, adherence, & relationships in injury rehabilitation
Alterations in muscle activity patterns during during overground walking and treadmill walking at level and uphill inclines in an older active female population
The effect of a head-to-head competitive environment on the manifestation of the contextual interference effect in a lab task
Physical education teachers' beliefs about essential resources needed to effectively include students with disabilities
Just doing it or just selling it?
Relationships between socioeconomic status and physical activity among children and youth in Nova Scotia
Medial versus lateral and unanticiapted versus anticipated neuromuscular differences exist in side cut and lateral false step maneuvers performed by male football players
A multifaceted behavioural approach to correcting ideopathic toe-walking in children with autism
Closeness in coach-athlete relationships between CIS volleyball coaches and their female athletes
Validation of subjective measures of physical activity and physical fitness for diabetes clinical practice
The effects of high intensity exercise on the exercise-efficacy of middle aged adults
Post-concussive syndrome and blood pressure
The stereotypic behaviours of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in structured and unstructured physical activity
The effects of familiar and unfamiliar music on maximal running performance