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An investigation of mentors' perceptions of reciprocity in mentoring relationships through recreation and leisure
Generation Y in the environmental movement
Examination of metals in gastropods to determine the potential for accumulation in the Border Marsh Region
Participatory food costing and its impacts on local and/or sustainable food purchases
A multi-proxy comparative paleolimnological study of anthropogenic impact between First and Second Lake, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Exploring the impact of capacity building for positive food environments - the Our Food Project
Applying 'ecofeminism' to environmental disaster
Ancient technology
A paleoenvironmental and paleogeographic reconstruction of the Terminal Archaic – Woodland Boswell site, Kingston, Nova Scotia
Actor-network theory and the Halifax Public Gardents
The impact of salt marsh restoration on mercury fate and biogeochemistry
The effect of fungal endophytes on white spruce trees subject to various physiological stresses.
Characterization of natural organic matter and microorganisms within Fletchers Lake
Understanding the impacts of climate change and the sustainability challenges at ski resorts in Vermont
The freshwater fish community and Brown Trout movement patterns in Little River, Saint John, New Brunswick
Measuring wellbeing
Petrology and geochemistry of the Jeffers Brook Pluton, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia
Examining biotransport of trace elements by colonial seabirds to the Eastern Shore Islands Wildlife Management Area
Sustainability and renewable energy Challenges and strategies in Beijing, China
What does it mean for youth to live in a climate emergency?