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Climate change adaptation and mitigation in Nova Scotia
Occupants, stewards, colonizers, ancestors
An evaluation of the relationship between adventure tourism and environmental sustainability
Protected waters
The Role of community art in placemaking and community development
Comparative genetic analysis  of Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Michx. plants of known pedigree (Chasmogamous- or  cleistogamous-derived seeds) using amplified fragment length polymorphisms.
Food for thought
Summer temporal changes in photoreducible mercury in the lakes of Kejimikujik National Park
Foliar endophytic diversity of Eastern Mountain Avens, Geum peckii Pursh (Rosaceae), from degraded and pristine habitats in Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Effluent water quality and treatment options for a food processing facility
For better or for worse?
The effect of fungal endophyte inoculation on physiological responses to drought in white spruce
Bottom substrate and associated epibenthic biota of the FORCE tidal energy test site in the Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy
Shade intolerance in plants and response to elevated carbon dioxide
Lead accumulation in open water wet ecosystems in the Border Marsh region of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
A paleolimnological record of anthropogenic impact on water quality in First Lake, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Best practices and policy in outdoor recreation for children with chronic medical conditions and disabilities
Passive acoustic monitoring of cetaceans at intertidal weirs in Minas Basin, Nova Scotia
The political and ecological origins of piracy along the Somali coast
The unnecessary necessity