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Evaluation of biomarkers of arsenic exposure from well water in two rural Nova Scotian communities
Development of a PM IRRAS device for the detection of persistent chemical warfare agents
Development of an analytical method for the measurement of copper isotope ratios in mineral exploration
Towards the synthesis of heavy main group compounds with asymmetric double bonds
The reactivity of diarylgermylenes with allyl chloride
Membrane bioreactor technology
The partial extraction of soil samples across the Gay's River lead-zinc deposit via a cation exchange mechanism
N,N-bound phosphenium cations: synthesis and reactivity with carbon dioxide and oxidizing reagents
N,C-bound phosphenium cations
Substituent effects on the reaction rates of photogenerated quinone methide
Development of an atom economical method for phosphenium cation synthesis
Effect of thin-cavity thickness on PM IRRAS background appearance of the solution/gold interface
Meso-functionalized BODIPY dyes
Electrochemical investigation of adsorption of surfactants at metal surfaces
The photochemistry of diarylmethylammonium salts
Development of an online partial extraction method for geochemical exploration
A new approach to the synthesis of asymmetric heavy multiple bonds
Photorelease of carboxylic acids from vitamin B6-derived photocages
Probing enantioselective substrate specificity for macrocyclization by 6-deoxyerythronolide thioesterase
Synthesis and characterization of cyclometalated ruthenium(II) complexes for applications in photoactivated cancer therapy